Art Supplies

We send an art starter pack to creative agents who live in the UK and have a subscription for either six, twelve or eighteen months.

Art Starter Pack contains:

A4 sketch book with CIA logo

Drawing pencil


Pencil sharpener
Paintbox and brush
12 felt tips

12 colouring pencils



Optional  extras

Paper for drawing (any size)

Old magazines or newspapers
Any other kinds of interesting paper (e.g. packaging paper)
Cardboard (e.g.saved cereal packets)
Sticky tape
Clean recycling for junk modelling (e.g. plastic containers, lids)

Coloured tissue or crepe paper
Coloured cardboard

Wool or string


Tin foil
Masking tape
Poster paint
Printing inks
Rubber stamps

Don't worry if you don't always have all of these items. Our creative missions are about inspiring children to be creative with what they happen to have.