Confused about the Company of International Artists?
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Does this subscription price include the cost of art materials?

It doesn’t. You can access our list of suggested art materials here. Be reassured that our creative missions will never require specialist or expensive materials.


Why don’t you provide the art materials?

Purchasing, storing and posting out art materials as well as producing the missions, postcards and films each month would be too costly and time consuming for us. We are 2 freelance artists and 1 volunteer and this subscription service is not the only thing we do.


What age is this for?

The creative missions are designed to be broadly accessible to children aged around 6-12 years, but older children may well also enjoy it.


What important dates should I know about?

Subscribe by the 15th of the month to start receiving creative missions the following month.


Creative Missions are posted on the first Thursday of the month, and depending on local postal services, should be with you by the first weekend of the month. We can’t be held responsible for delays in receiving creative missions based on delays within the postal service as this is obviously beyond our control.


The gallery is updated on the last Tuesday of the month. Any photographs of artwork sent to us before this date will be featured in the gallery on the website by the beginning of the following month. We can’t share pictures of children with their artwork.


What’s our refund policy?

We are unable to provide refunds on subscriptions. We are experienced creative facilitators and are confident that children will enjoy the content we are providing. We’re sorry if your child doesn’t enjoy the subscription service as much as you had hoped, but we are unable to refund you for this reason.


Why can’t we provide refunds?
We are a small not-for-profit company of 2 freelance artists and 1 volunteer. No-one receives a salary, and we have devised this subscription service as a means of covering our core costs which include insurance and rent on our storage unit where we keep our costumes, props and creative resources. We’re sure you appreciate that for a small theatre company, it’s very difficult in the current climate for us to establish any kind of financial stability, and to provide refunds would challenge our efforts to remain financially stable.

We’d like to remind you that we’re a not-for-profit company and no-one is on a salary. We are based in Withywood and use our profits to provide free performances and creative workshops for families, young people and people living with dementia in Withywood and Hartcliffe, which are some of the most deprived wards in the UK.


Find out more about Brave Bold Drama here.


What happens to the information on the subscription form?

The information will be accessed only by the following people: Gill Simmons, Paul Lawless and Ellie Freeman who are the directors of Brave Bold Drama, the company providing this subscription service. We will never share any information from your form with anyone else.

Find out more about us here.


Download our Data and Confidentiality policy here.


Will we ever be able to meet the Company of International Artists agents in person?

We have run in-person creative workshops as Agents Dali and Kahlo of the Company of International Artists in the past, and hope to be able to start this again in 2021 depending on circumstances.

I still have a question that isn't covered here.

No problem. Please send us an email!

Agent Kahlo receives some surprising intel from a secret creative agent.