Mary Shelley
might be involved...

Something's going bump in the night!

Agents Kahlo and of the Company of International Artists, a top secret creative global agency, receive a code red call which means only one thing: ART IN PERIL!

They head to Villa Diodati on the banks of Lake Geneva and attempt to solve a(slightly) spooky mystery. They're working against the clock and sometimes even against logic itself.

Can you help them crack the case?

Full of mystery, family-friendly spoof horror and a broad streak of quirky comedy, "The Midnight Mission" is a slightly spooky show for ages 6+ to enjoy. 

Devised & performed by Brave Bold Drama
Designed by Bronia Housman. Directed by Evan Lordan (Touching the Void).

Sound design by Gill Simmons. Produced by Paul Lawless.