Rare opportunities to work IN PERSON with Agents Kahlo and Dali.

Incognito, of course. Disguises and code-names are a must.

Work with Kahlo and Dali to decipher the messages hidden in Munch's famous work of art The Scream, and create your own art inspired by this painting.

Online. One hour. Suitable for 6-12 year olds. Tickets available until the day before.
Please book in advance.
Minimum price £6.50 per family plus 44p booking fee.

Please add a donation to your ticket if you can. Donations support Brave Bold Drama to work creatively with families who experience disadvantage in Bristol.

Tues 16th February    11am and 2pm
Thurs 18th February   11am and 2pm

Sat 20th February     11am and 2pm

February 2021