The Company of International Artists: Free Museum Family Art Trails

commissioned by Bristol Museums (2022/23)

Secretly, on certain Mondays in 2022, when Bristol Museum & Art Gallery is closed to the public, Agents Kahlo and Dali slipped, incognito, into the museum on Park Street in Bristol. The nature of their activity has been, until now, strictly TOP SECRET.

But the embargo has recently been lifted, and we can reveal that the agents were making family friendly art trails about Bristol Museum & Art Gallery's art collection!

There are three themed art trails to complete. They are all free of charge, and encourage families to investigate the art at the museum, and then to create new art inspired by the artwork featured in each trail.

There's an accompanying short film for each art trail, which gives family-friendly art history insights into the art featured in each trail. We recommend watching these films in advance of going to the museum (or instead of going to the museum).

New art made by young agents can be showcased both on the Company of International Artists social media, and in some cases also on big screen in Bristol Museum & Art Gallery cafe.

You can engage with these art trails remotely, if you can't make it to the museum. To do this, explore the films and links below.

Time to pick your trail, agents!

The Travel Edition
investigate art featuring travel

The Nature Edition
investigate art featuring nature

The Family Edition

investigate art featuring families

The Company of International Artists in schools!

We can run full day events in primary schools, inspiring and supporting children to investigate art, create themselves and gain a Discover level Arts Award certificate.

We have been awarded Trinity Champion Status for our outstanding and innovative delivery of Arts Award courses.  See how this worked at a school in south Bristol. 

If you would like to investigate how the Company of International Artists could run an Arts Award course in your school, alternative education provision or home education group, please contact

The Company of International Artists in Museums!

The Company of International Artists was delighted to receive a digital commission to work with Gloucestershire Libraries and the Corinium Museum in Cirencester, as part of the Art of Libraries project. 

This image of the Hare Mosaic is owned by Corinium Museum, and is reproduced here with permission.

We created a bespoke mission about artefacts from the Corinium Museum including the famous Hare Mosaic, and designed a simple kit of creative resources which were taken to rural schools in the Cotswolds by the Gloucester Libraries schools' librarian.

Children took the missions and kits home, and created new art inspired from the artefacts at Corinium Museum. These families were also invited to join a special online mission, and to show Agents Kahlo, Dali & Bourgeois the art they made.

See artwork made by agents on The Corinium Mission here.

This film encouraged the agents to complete The Corinium Mission.

We were commissioned by Dorset Museum to design a bespoke Creative Mission to help families explore the ancient Roman artefacts uncovered at the Roman Town House in Dorchester. 

If you are in the area, you can download this free mission to enhance your visit here!

If you are a museum or art gallery interested in commissioning us to engage local families with an art or museum collection, please contact

The Company of International Artists workshops

As experienced creative educators, we are often asked to run workshops. We call these "Creative Missions." They are a blend of art history investigations, hands-on creativity and songwriting and are led by Agents Kahlo and Dali.

We have provided Creative Missions for: Children's World Charity, Chippenham Fringe, Calne Town Council, Dorset Music Service, Shaftesbury Fringe Festival, ValleyFest, LakeFest.

These are some Creative Mission workshops we have that are ready-to-go:

If you would like to enquire about booking an existing Creative Mission workshop, or commissioning a bespoke workshop from us, please contact